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Essential Oils

I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2015. I had suffered from severe menstrual cramps for years, and nothing I did could even touch the pain. I was raised in a very holistic home, taking any kind of medication was my very last resort- I can count on one hand the amount of times I took medicine for anything. So when it came to any kind of pain or discomfort, I just kind of toughed it out. I did, however, take pain medication every month when I would experience my cramp pains. It dulled the pain, but never fully got rid of it.

It wasn't until a friend of mine introduced me to essential oils. This particular day, not even my pain medication was helping me. So she offered a blend of essential oil from doTERRA- I applied it all across my abdomen and on my lower back. Within 10 minutes my pain was completely gone. I could hardly believe it! I was amazed and immediately hooked. I call this my gateway oil (hehe).

Fast forward 2 years, I started developing horrible adult acne. I felt so defeated, I had just started my first job as an esthetician and I felt like I was failing at my job. I worked and worked at clearing my skin- using all I learned in school...yet, nothing was helping. It only seemed to be getting worse and worse. It wasn't until I started utilizing my essential oils, intentionally living a non-toxic lifestyle, and taking better care of myself from the inside out that my skin finally became clear. This ignited a passion inside of me to share the gift of essential oils with everyone around me and teach people how to live a non-toxic lifestyle.

doTERRA means "gift of the earth". I believe that God gave us these oils to use as a first resort. They are the very first thing I reach for when anything comes up, and I am incredibly grateful that I was introduced to them all those years ago. They have changed my life in so many ways. As a mom, a wife, and a friend, I feel so confident having these natural tools I can turn to in times of need. I feel an obligation to share the gift of essential oils with everyone I know.

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